Interview with Author Frank Dorrian

I recently had the pleasure of reading Dorrian's The Shadow of the High King. It spurred me to add a recurring feature to this blog: author interviews. Thanks to Frank Dorrian for being a willing subject. Bonus: his books are on sale right now for 99¢, so it's a perfect time to try them out!

What inspired your world building process?

That would be my own travels around the UK, America, Thailand and Europe, and my endless wanderlust. I think of it less as a properly defined process, and more as myself discovering the world beside my characters as they wander too and fro being arseholes. I like to see what happens when they, and I, get to wherever they’re going.

Who are you writing for and why?

Myself, exclusively. I wouldn’t be as interested or creative in what I was writing if I was doing it for any other reason other than to create something I have envisioned. I’d feel dishonest. Art is never about people-pleasing, or at least it should never be – it’s a path to soulless, miserable work.

What do you do to recharge your creative energy?

Reading and gaming mostly these days. I like keeping fit, and still keep up with muay thai, though I’m not as active in the circles as I once was, it’ll always be a love of mine.

Travel is another big love – I got to walk alone around Tyresta By national park in Sweden this year, across the ruins of ancient mountains shattered by earthquakes and through primeval Scandinavian forests filled with boars, bears and wolves. Almost managed to get lost, too, actually and absolutely shat my pants when I realized it was going dark, but it’s a definitely one of my best memories.

Also coffee.

What reactions do you hope to inspire in others?

Reactions? I think that would be down to the reader to decide how they would react to the things my characters do in their world. I’d hope to have them merely understand, if possible, why they are the way they are, more than anything, or at least the things that they do. Whether they inspire hate, sorrow, laughter, pity, confusion or repulsion, well, that’s down to the individual.

Where is your writing taking you?

Right now I’m not too sure, but I’m enjoying the journey regardless, what lies at the end remains to be seen, but I’m definitely meeting some interesting individuals along the way.

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