The Marrow

There's an ancient rhythm that is running through your bones.
It's the heartbeat of the river that is calling you back home.
If you walk up to the water, let your footprints wander in,
You can feel the passing current. Let it wash across your skin. 

Then you wade out to the middle and approach the wall upstream
As it pours over the edge where the river takes a leap.
Come and face the thunder that is swallowing your ears
And step into the waterfall free of doubt or fears. 

Then the power of the ocean and the peace of morning dew
And the joy of a blue sky all come rushing into you.
Then your body is a river and your bones are living stone,
And your mind becomes a forest for the churning waves of foam. 

When you look out through the curtain, water will obscure your sight,
But let yourself soak up the view.
All you see is light.
Step back into that waterfall as it floods you with glee,
And you can taste the marrow of what you are meant to be.

Dripping Gown

Most weekends we went to the Lake
To swim, sunbathe, and ride the waves.
Grandparents, uncles, aunts, and cousins,
Our relatives came by the dozens.

Days at the Lake rely on sun
And no one wants to be the one
Who gets there when rain’s in the sky.
They stay indoors, and they stay dry.
But they’re the fools, if you ask me.
I’d never even miss a beat.
The rain is the best time to play.
It washes all the pain away. 
I turn some music up so loud
And dance all night under the clouds.
The raindrops sliding down my skin
Make me feel alive again.
I stomp and splash
And spin and scream,
Sway back and forth
Like it’s a dream.
To lose myself
In this wet night,
Bare feet in puddles,
I delight.
Pour all this darkness down on me.
You’ll never get a frown from me.
Just find a silver crown for me
And slip this dripping gown off me.
’Cause I’m the queen of what’s insane.
I breathe lightning and drink the rain.
And no one here knows my real name
When every day’s a different game. 
Turn up the song.
Kick up the beat
And make some room
For happy feet,
’Cause this right here
Is where I live.
This right here
Is what I give.
I bring you neverending rain.
I bring rhythms that ease your pain.
The splashes wash all over you.
The verses make you feel brand new.
So tell me why they want it dry.
I’m telling you, I’d rather die.
There’s nothing better than a night
Of cold and wet and dark delight.     


Sometimes I feel
I don't belong
And being here
Just feels so wrong.
From deep inside 
A quiet moan.
And all I want 
Is to go home. 

I get nervous.
I don't know why,
And all I seem
to do is cry. 
It's dark and wet
And hard and old.
And all I do
Is what I'm told.

The world is there.
It's big and bright.
But all I see 
Is empty night.
Nightmares and fear
And evil queens
Are all I have
In place of dreams. 

But someday soon,
I don't know when,
This misery
Will find an end. 
Can someone please
Help me relieve
The endless fray
Of being me?