Review: Zombie Club by Sonia Rogers

A group of sixth graders and their teacher find themselves in the middle of a zombie apocalypse while on a field trip. Finding their way home from the Civil War battlefield is going to be difficult, but these kids can stand up to the challenge.

4 of 5 stars

This is a middle-grade urban fantasy from a local-to-me author!

A middle school club goes on a field trip and while they're out of town, the zombie apocalypse hits. They have to figure out what's going on, how to get back home, and whether their families have survived!

I enjoyed this story. There's enough suspense that I was worried about these kids and how everything would turn out for them. I have a middle-school age son, so it was easy for me to imagine what he would do in such circumstances, and since it's set in the town I currently live in, this whole adventure became a little too real for me! The students show bravery and cunning, and luckily their teacher knows something about how to handle emergency situations.

I wanted to get to know the characters more, maybe spend more time with two or three in particular. The only drawback to this book was the short length, and with several POV characters, we really only have a small amount of page time with each one.

The tone and pacing was just right for a middle grade book, and the author expertly handles some heavy moments without being too gory.

You can find it here on Amazon and here on Goodreads.

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