My 5-star Reviews of 2018

This year was my first full year reviewing books, and I focused on indie dark fantasy. I found some new favorite authors and tried some things I normally wouldn't have. There is so much great work out there. It would be easy to hand out 5-star reviews often. I decided to come up with one specific criteria that sets a book apart enough to earn 5-stars from me: the further I get into a book, the harder it should be to put down.

Here are my 5-star reads for this year, in no particular order. The links go to my reviews on Goodreads. With each of these books, I had trouble putting it down, and have great respect for the author's storytelling expertise.

Straight Outta Fangton by C.T. Phipps

Blackest Knights edited by C.T. Phipps

An American Weredeer in Michigan by C.T. Phipps

Faith by A. Dale Triplett

Hemlock by Jesse Teller

Crown by Jesse Teller

Darkstorm by M.L. Spencer

Darkmage by M.L. Spencer

Darklands by M.L. Spencer

Kings of Paradise by Richard Nell

They Mostly Come Out At Night by Benedict Patrick

The Fifth Empire of Man by Rob J. Hayes

City of Kings by Rob J. Hayes

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