Cover Reveal: HEMLOCK (The Manhunters Book Two)

I think it's fair for me to proclaim my favorite fantasy author is my husband, Jesse Teller. I've been a fan of his storytelling for many, many years and seeing his work released upon the world is always thrilling for me. Song, his opening novel to The Manhunters trilogy, has been gaining more and more attention over these last few months, in part due to its stunning cover.

For Hemlock, the second book in The Manhunters, we wanted to make sure the cover would hold up well next to Song, and also carry its own unyielding energy. It's a darker book, more heartbreak, tougher odds, and with vampires as the main enemy, it's understandably bloodier.

It's always a challenge to make sure the cover represents the story in quality, depth, and tone. In this case, Hemlock shines. Many thanks to the extraordinary talent at Seedlings Design Studio. Without further delay, here's the cover of Jesse Teller's upcoming new release:

The Manhunters Book Two
Releases April 15, 2018

The busiest pirate bay in Perilisc is newly infested with vampires. These monsters will soon overrun the world, but the Manhunters must try to stop them in secret. Agents of the king are hunting Rayph's vigilante crew, and with one false step, they could all end up at a royal execution.  

Praise for The Manhunters:

"Teller’s world is stunning in its complexity."
—M. L. Spencer, Bestselling Author of The Rhenwars Saga

"Dark and gritty fantasy, epic in its fierce and raw telling."
—Tome Tender Book Blog

"Jesse Teller has created a convincing world and populated it with characters that are endearing and relatable."
—Readers' Favorite

You can find Hemlock here on Amazon or here on Goodreads

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