Made Out of Love


Katherine's a warrior
Who's made out of love. 
Her clear cut devotion 
Came straight from above. 
She studied humans 
Like never before. 
She kept her sharp eyes 
On our windows and doors. 

And when she met Jesse, 
Somehow we all knew, 
Anywhere he would go 
She would go too. 
She watched every movement, 
The dip in each mood, 
And most of the time 
She knew just what to do. 

She knew him in heaven. 
She saw him through hell. 
In heartache and torment 
Her wisdom grew well. 
And when it was over, 
When Jesse was hers, 
She spent all her days 
Being what he deserved. 

See, Katherine's a warrior 
Who's made out of love, 
The shield of an angel, 
The heart of a dove. 
And Jesse's her hero 
Because he swept in 
And opened her cage 
When her hope had run thin.

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