I’m drowsy 
In these noisy sounds. 
I cannot 
I’m down to 
Laying loose. 
Without a doubt, 
I’m hopeless about 
Passing out. 

All I think is to complain 
About these noisy sounds 
That drain 
My restless mind 
After a day 
Of messing up 
In lots of ways. 

I call out to my mom 
And say, 
“I’ll never snooze again 
This way. 
How can I sleep 
With all these heaps 
Of oozing drowning 
Out relief? 
I’m only 
So much sleep.” 

She leans into my door and says, 
“There’s one thing you can do to rest. 
Open your ears to understand 
Cicadas are not from your land. 
The noise they make is not for us. 
They play their very own chorus. 
So close your eyes and fall asleep 
And find the melody they seek. 
To still your mind 
And let their kind 
Play out their own sweet beat.”

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