Sometimes I wonder who I am. 
I feel like I'm a grain of sand, 
And if I open up my hand 
I'll slip into another land, 
Where daffodils are blue and pink 
And everyone hears what I think, 
But no one understands a sink, 
And I could use another drink. 

So bring me some old rusty toys, 
And you and I can make some noise. 
We'll laugh and play beside our boys 
Because we know we got our choice. 
And maybe when our night is done, 
You and I can find the sun. 
We'll sit and watch while everyone 
Tries to something something some. 

All they know is all their chains. 
They're slowly marching to their graves, 
'Cause they don't know how to behave, 
And we can see their hearts need saved. 
So come with me, come hear the call, 
You and I will have a ball. 
Maybe when we're done we'll fall, 
But we'll know we had it all.

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