In some ways it's my fault, 
But mostly it's not. 
Mostly to blame is 
The place I grew up. 

The people around me 
All had their own plans 
Of ambitious, intelligent 
Goals to demand. 

Their agendas were based on 
Best interests of course, 
And they'd never imagine 
My deeds were all forced. 

But they wouldn't accept 
The ways I liked to think, 
And when I tried to explain it, 
Their smiles would sink. 

Because who wants a daughter 
With no career map? 
With nothing but fanciful dreams to unwrap? 
A girl whose big goal is to lay on a boat 
And wander through ghost towns in places remote? 
This starry-eyed wanderer will fall off track 
And lose the potential that others have lacked. 
So don't let distractions veer her away 
From the future we know she deserves to display. 

So I stood in line 
And followed their minds, 
Resisted in ways that I could all the time, 
But the days were so few 
When I felt like me, 
And I had to give up on poetry. 

I hope you can forgive me, 
I found it again, 
After decades of starving myself from the pen. 
My case is hopeless. 
I'll never be cured 
From the sordid temptation of toying with words. 

But it won't disappoint you 
That I'm a lost cause, 
That I couldn't stick to societal laws, 
For now I'm worth seeing, 
Now I can feel 
My spirit untethered, untamed and unreal, 
And I'm here to show you, 
I'm here to be 
A screaming example of one who broke free.

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