Picking Their Brains: Ulff Lehmann on Cover Design

Continuing the advice topic of book cover design, let's hear from Ulff Lehmann, author of Light in the Dark series...
Book covers, to me, should always reflect the spirit of the story. Same as the titles... when I first thought of the titles, long after the first book was finished and I was somewhere in the middle of what now is the third book, I came up with the titles... Yes, I know it's about covers but this goes hand in hand.

I wanted a progression, the dichotomy of words that upon closer inspection would surprise you, only if you paid attention, of course.

Current covers of Crossroad Press editions

Shattered Dreams, Hopes, & Bonds. Nightmares, False Hopes, & well bonds is kinda obvious.

I wanted the covers to mirror that.

Since the story revolves around Drangar, I wanted something to represent him, hence the sword. I liked the covers of the The Last Kingdom etc, but I didn't want to imitate, so I came up with the blade across the middle. I wanted the sword to represent Drangar's conscience over the telling of the tale, well, kinda... blood smeared, a little cleaner, clean. Night, dawn, noon as respective backgrounds.

I spoke to the lady who designed the first two covers (yes, Hopes had a cover before I signed with Crossroad) and told her the concept. Then I told her to make it her own. The only thing that mattered to me was the broader concept.

Covers of previously self-published editions

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