Five Simple Ways to Boost Your Facebook Traffic

Improve post reach and activity on your Facebook fan page. Here are five simple techniques you can start using right now.

1. Post during peak traffic times
Generally speaking, this is between 7-9 PM on weeknights (Sun-Thurs). You can also check your page Insights to see peak traffic times for your followers in particular. 

2. Encourage post interaction
- Anytime it’s applicable, add “Tag a friend you think would be interested!” When viewers tag friends, those tagged get a notification (which makes it more likely they’ll view the post), and the post shows up on their timeline, too (which means all their friends can see it).
- Another example: “Like and Share this post to enter our drawing for a $25 gift certificate.”

3. Share the same post more than once
With Facebook’s newsfeed traffic, people don’t see everything the first time it comes through. Especially with events you want to promote, share the details more than once. Remember to post photos from special events as they are happening.

4. Share words of inspiration or wisdom
It’s easy to find quotes about specific topics with a Google search. Plus, if it applies to life situations beyond your field, it appeals to more people and could get more shares. Make sure your graphics are fresh, and they coordinate with your brand’s personality.

5. Participate in community trends
- Caption Contest: Post a funny or unusual picture and challenge viewers to comment with the best caption they can.
- Throwback Thursdays: Sometimes people post old photos on Thursdays. Business pages can get in on the fun, too! This is a great way to share a bit of history and add more depth to your brand.

Remember, Facebook is primarily a social site, so that’s the kind of activity to focus on. Avoid using generic content or stock photos. Make your content specific to your business. Your posts should be memorable, fun, motivational, or easy for viewers to relate to on a personal level.

If you have any other suggestions or effective techniques, share them with us in the comments below!


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How a Logo Helps People Remember You

A business is more than its name. It needs a logo. Why? Because generally speaking, people are focused on their own priorities and don’t pay attention to what’s going on around them.

You make people notice. You make people remember. How?

Use more than an icon. Include your business name in your logo. This helps people connect the image to the name. 

It takes at least three repetitions for people to remember something, or feel motivated to explore it. After noticing the same thing three different places, our minds click, “Maybe I should find out more about that...” A consistent visual reinforces the repetitive connection for viewers.

If they see the name in three different places, but it’s in different fonts and colors each time, their memory and recognition of it is uncertain. It weakens the repetitive power. Using a logo with your business name will strengthen viewers’ ability to recognize it again and again. Improved recognition will motivate them to take action and seek you out.


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