The Moon


My cave
Is dark
And underground.
I sink
Down deep
And circle ’round.
It’s cold
And wet
And free of sound.
The secrets
Cannot be found.

Sometimes I want to feel I’m free,

So I swim out into the sea

And search for somewhere I can be

That doesn’t feel so hard to me.


I sway within the current then

Swim back along the sand and when

I look up at the waves, 

There is

A stream of color there. 


I rise.

Who knows what that could be,

Some angel 

Looking down at me,

A call

So old it wants to see

What creature


Its lonely plea.


I’m here

To listen to his tune 

And finally,

I see the moon.

Such beauty

That it feels brand new.

I know

There’s something I can do.


This light is something I can see.

It somehow teaches me to breathe.

And up here close, the land is soft

And I can share my lonely thoughts.



Up in the sky

I see

These diamonds

Shining bright for me.

There’s air

And hope

And mystery,

A mist

So warm,

How can it be 

That I would find

A creature who

Can speak to

My artistic mood,

And somehow


Turns on the moon.

I wish I could

Surround him soon,

But I sink through

The colors all,

Down where I

Don’t breathe 

at all.

I long 

To hear

His lonely call

And wish

I could 

Feel warm 
and soft.   

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