Interview with Author Megan Mackie

I recently reviewed The Finder of the Lucky Devil, the first book of Megan Mackie's Lucky Devil series, and had so much fun reading it! I'm really looking forward to reviewing the sequel in the upcoming months. It's an intriguing alternate universe to delve into. Here's more about her process and future plans:

What inspired your world building process?
For this particular world, I asked myself the question, what would it be like in modern day Chicago if magic was out in the open and has always been. All the ideas developed from there.

Who are you writing for and why?
Myself, first most. I write stories I wanted to read, ideas I wanted to see in print. Those who know me know I have opinions and often when I read or see some other idea that I don’t agree with or if I can see how an idea that was taken as a matter of course, but in fact is destructive, I want to change that in the only way I can control, by offering a new one in it’s place in my writing. The most common thing I hear from people about my stories, is that they were surprised.

What do you do to recharge your creative energy?
I don’t know yet, I’m working on that part. Taking care of myself seems to be a big part of it. When I’m rested and feeling good, the words flow easier. When I’m sick, tired, stressed, hurting, the words stagger out and are sad and lost and uninspired, but strangely enough, when I go back to reread those words, they aren’t too far off the mark, so they are worthy any way.

What reactions do you hope to inspire in others?
Honestly, I hope they get excited to go grab the next book, to keep dwelling in this world I’m creating a little longer. I hope they want to reach out to me and talk to me about my books and my ideas. I hope they seek me out at the cons I visit and want to talk to me in person.

Where is your writing taking you?
Right now I’ve started Book 3 of my series and I even did an outline, then immediately it went off the rails. So I suppose I’ll let you know when I get there.

For more Megan Mackie online:

Facebook: @MeganMackieAuthor

Twitter: @MeganMackieVO

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