Review: I Was A Teenage Weredeer by C.T. Phipps & Michael Suttkus

Jane Doe is a weredeer, the least-threatening shapechanger species in the world. Blessed with the ability to turn furry at will and psychically read objects, Jane has done her best to live a normal life working as a waitress at the Deerlightful Diner. She has big dreams of escaping life in the supernatural-filled town of Bright Falls, Michigan, and her eighteenth birthday promises the beginning of her teenage dreams coming true.

Unfortunately, her birthday is ruined by the sudden murder of her best friend's sister in an apparent occult killing. Oh, and her brother is the primary suspect. Allying with an eccentric FBI agent, the local crime lord, and a snarky werecrow, Jane has her work cut out for her in turning her big day around.

Thankfully, she's game.
4 out of 5 stars

I received a free copy of this book in an Amazon giveaway and was deerlighted. This is my first leap into the work of C.T. Phipps.

Many types of werecreatures live openly in this world, and they operate within a certain hierarchy, with werewolves being at the top. As Jane Doe uncovers details of her town's past, she must face her own prejudices about other shapeshifters and trample her assumptions about good and evil.

Allow me to fawn over the character development, as it seems to be a strength here. Jane is great! A young woman, resentful of her dependence on her parents, but not quite ready to hoof it on her own. She finds herself on an unexpected hunt when her brother is accused of murder, and suddenly she has way more riding on her shoulders than she feels ready for. Her snarky attitude shows she's willing to buck the system, and there are enough pop culture references to assure us she's a proper geek.

The cast is filled with a wide range of characters, with interesting backgrounds that are gradually revealed as the case unfolds. I would have liked to have seen Jane's connections to some of them deepen. She's a bit awkward with expressing emotion and doesn't always follow her hart's desire, but we do get a sense of more to come.

The pace plateaued for awhile just when I wanted it to pick up, but overall this is a fun read. The story is definitely YA in nature, reminiscent of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys paranormal detective stories and, of course, puns. (Note: You don't have to admit to enjoying the puns.)

You can find it here on Amazon, or on Goodreads!

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  1. Amazing review, Rebekah! So glad I doedn't screw it up.