Fighting Stress With Colored Pencils

Stress is an undeniable force in my life. People talk about reducing stress or eliminating stress, but I just look for ways to relieve it.

I used to think I could overcome it. I used to think I could just learn to trust myself more, learn to somehow rise above the triggers.

Then I started freelancing. Then I got married. Then I had kids. Then I moved out of state. Twice. And I just kept freelancing because I really love it. Who needs a stable income with benefits?

As a work-at-home designer-wife-mom, I can't get rid of stress. I can't stop it. I can't fight it. I just have to work through it.

I used to do yoga. I used to meditate. I studied them. I know if I make time for it every day, it will relieve my stress and make me smarter and happier and add years to my bliss-filled life. I still can't make time for it.

Zoning out in front of a TV works for a lot of people, but I look at a screen all day. Watching one to relax just gives me a headache. Plus, when binge-watching Sons of Anarchy reaches it's limit, I have to try something else. (Who decided Jax Teller's scene time should be finite?)

I'm learning martial arts. The drills and training certainly help relieve stress, but it's not exactly soothing. OK, when I get to really let loose on a bag, or husband, it does soothe the soul in a special way. But, most nights, I'm still looking for a way to wind down.

I've been on a Solitaire app a lot lately. My family wants me to stop. Apparently, playing Solitaire while listening to someone talk doesn't count as bonding.

So, it's come to this. Adult coloring books. And I don't mean adult in the exciting way.

I was at Barnes & Noble last week, buying a book for my son (a real, paper one), and I grabbed this adult coloring book on a whim. Adults are coloring now. It's a whole thing. Relieve stress, meditate, and find peace at the end of a colored pencil. So now, I'm trying out the meditation of coloring. Where did they come up with such an idea? Who knew coloring could be fun, relaxing, and trigger carefree feelings?

I'll let you know how it goes...

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