Planning for a Smoother Design Process

Prospective clients sometimes ask, “How do I know I'll like what you come up with?” Design is not about personal expression. Graphic designers use type, imagery, and space to convey visual messages. What those messages say leads to a vast array of design styles. One designer’s portfolio can reflect many differing styles.

An excellent way to ensure you will be happy with your designer’s work is to clearly articulate your own goals and expectations from the beginning of a project. Explore answers to these topics:
  • Project Purpose
  • Project Description
  • Target Audience (demographics, their relevant attitudes or beliefs)
  • Tone & Feel
  • Problem/Opportunity (what problem you are addressing for your audience)
  • Message
  • Benefits and Selling Points
  • Support (show accuracy of selling points)
  • Content (copy and imagery)
  • Size/Media Requirements
  • Timeline and Final Deadline
Provide these answers to your designer(s) in a project brief. Your forethought and planning will lead to a smoother, more satisfying design process. 

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