The Value of a Well-Planned Logo

Starting a new business involves a lot of budgeting and planning. Business owners often put more focus on their product or service itself. Sometimes the logo is put together as an afterthought. New businesses might try to obtain a logo for as little cost as possible, or even at no cost. The value of a well-executed logo design is sometimes hard to understand.

A logo is the first impression a company gives to its prospective customers. What that logo visually communicates impacts how viewers react to your company. Viewers will come to subconscious conclusions about your company within seconds of seeing your logo. Most people equate the visual quality of the logo with the company’s internal attention to quality.

Remember, you’ll be using your logo for years, and want it to remain relevant. It needs to have design longevity, which means it does not follow a trend, or appear aesthetically dated. From a functionality standpoint, it needs to remain intact while being used in many ways. Consistent use of your logo reflects dependability in your business.

The logo represents the personality and product of the company. When I’m designing a logo, I ask the client, “What words would you use to describe this brand or product? How do you want the viewer to feel when they see your logo?” Then I keep those descriptors in mind for the logo design process.

For example, HotShot School Portraits logo is fun and youthful. They take non-traditional school portraits, and wanted to avoid a sense of tradition in their logo.

In another direction, look at the tru/tan logo. Their product is used in winemaking, and they wanted a logo that feels clean, precise, and scientific.

These aren’t the personalities of the owners or employees necessarily, but of the brands. Many business owners put careful thought into their brand personality when naming their company. But an amateur logo can quickly negate the value of a creative name.

How you treat your logo subconsciously communicates how you treat your company or customers. Make sure those messages are accurate by including professional logo design in your business plan.

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