If You Give a Designer a Sharpie...

If you give a designer a Sharpie...
He’s going to ask for a project brief.
When you give him the brief, he’ll ask you some questions about it.
When he’s finished asking questions, he’ll want content.
You’ll refer him to your website for photos.
He’ll download the photos and tell you they are too low-resolution for printing. He’ll ask for high-res photos.
While he’s waiting, he’ll check his Google+, his LinkedIn, his Facebook, and his Twitter.
All this social marketing will make him sleepy. He’ll want to go out for coffee.
The coffee shop logo will remind him of a mermaid.
The mermaid will remind him of the lyrical voice that whispers great ideas to him at night as he’s trying to sleep.
He’ll try to remember the great idea that came to him last night.
He won’t be able to.
He’ll go back to the office anyway.
He’ll want your logo in vector format.
You’ll send him the vector logo, and he’ll notice it isn’t the same logo as the one on your website.
He’ll talk to you about the importance of a consistent brand identity. He’ll offer to update your website.
You’ll agree to it, and tell him what other improvements you’d like.
He’ll want you to write a brief.
And chances are, if you give him a brief...
He’s going to want a Sharpie to go with it.

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